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Hypnobirthing and more with Sarah Penlington

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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I’m Sarah

I have many hats, but ones I feel most passionate about are mummy to my two girls, a hypnobirthing instructor and a primary school teacher!

My classes aren’t just information spurted at you, it will be tailored to your pregnancy journey. I can sign post you to local services and support you beyond pregnancy with feeding support and much more. I really do want to help you create that mama tribe and go into motherhood feeling confident, empowered and calm!

Why ?

When I was pregnant with my first, I heard lots about hypnobirthing, with a few colleagues really recommending it. I researched around the topic and booked myself and my husband onto a course. From the moment I walked into the room, I felt calm and relaxed and knew this was the course for me. We learnt so many wonderful breathing techniques and movements which would support me during labour. Learning about how your mind and body work together to deliver your baby in a positive way was fascinating. We left that course, not only excited about meeting our baby but excited for the labour process my body was about to go through.

I entered labour feeling calm, confident and in control. I enjoyed labouring in the birth pool for the majority of my labour. There were slight complications in the moments before Pippa was born, but my sense of calm and control never waivered. Pippa had a few heart defects so was closely monitored but that never meant I felt fear, I remained calm.

When I laboured with our second daughter Popsie, I had another incredible, positive birth. I laboured this time mainly on my birthing ball using breathing techniques during each surge. I made positive decisions that I was comfortable agreeing to and Popsie entered the world calmly.

A year later, I decided to train as a hypnobirthing teacher due to the incredible impact it has had on my life. I use hypnobirthing techniques every single day allowing me to feel calm, relaxed and energised.

Being a primary school teacher, I have imparted some of these skills to the children I work with, where focussing on their breathing can help with their day to day wellbeing.

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Hera Birthing

Hera was the Greek Goddess of women, particuarly, protecting women during childbirth. I loved reading up on Hera and how incredible it must have felt to protect women during an incredible life experience. This is how Hera Birthing was born. I want to protect expecting families with knowledge and techniques allowing them to feel confident, calm and relaxed going into their birth.

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What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a gentle method that uses breathing, relaxation and positive thinking to enable you to have more control over your body, mind and emotions during childbirth.

Hypnobirthing means entering a relaxed state of consciousness that can reduce the fear response, enabling you to feel confident, calmer and more in tune with your baby.

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- Group Complete Hypnobirthing Course

- Private Complete Hypnobirthing Course

- Hypnobirthing Workshop/ Refresher

- Pregnancy Relaxation

- Positive Caesarean Workshop

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Hera Birthing Courses

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Complete Course

This complete birthing course will provide you with a full antenatal education alongside hypnobirthing tools and techniques to allow you to navigate birth, no matter what path it takes.

This course can be delivered 1:1 in your own home, online or a group session in a lovely, cosy venue which is local to Newton Abbot.

£125 per birth team

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Woman Giving Birth to Baby Via C-section

Positive Caesarean

This workshop is to support you and your birth partner in planning for a positive caesarean birth. Whether you have already attended a hypnobirthing course and were planning to birth vaginally but your circumstances have now changed or you are electing to have a caesarean birth for personal choice or a medical reason this workshop is for you.

£60 per birth team

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This 3-4 hour whistle stop tour is perfect if you have discovered Hypnobirthing a little close to your due date, if you have taken hypnobirthing classes previously or your circumstances mean you are unable to commit to the full course.

£60 per birth team

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Training your mind to be calm and relaxed has huge benefits during pregnancy and birth. It helps you to maintain high oxytocin levels (essential for labour) and allows you to remain in control of the fear - tension- pain cycle (don't worry if you don't know what that is, I'll explain on the course!)


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‘My partner and I have just completed the “complete hypnobirthing course” with Sarah. Having completed an online hypnobirthing course with our first child during lockdown, we were keen to refresh our minds and prepare for the birth of our second baby.

Our face to face experience, in the comfort of our own home was perfect. With my partner working shifts, being able to choose which times worked for us was cruicial and Sarah was extremely flexible, which we are very grateful for.

The course covered so much, including information we hadn’t covered before and has made us feel very excited about the birth of our next baby. We are now excited to start the relaxations and other techniques Sarah provided us with to ensure our birth is the positive experience we plan for it to be. ‘ Gemma and Dan, May 2023

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‘Just completed four lovely online sessions with Sarah which were brilliant! So informative, engaging and interesting. I’m pregnant with my first baby and was really nervous about birth!

After the first session Sarah got me to a place where I was actually excited! I didn’t even know that was possible

The course covers such a range of insightful topics and Sarah created a really welcoming and safe space to chat about all sorts

I’d really recommend Hera Birthing to any expecting parents!’

Joella and Cameron, July 2023

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‘No induction and no pain relief apart from the tens machine...

I did need hormone drip for final pushes as I was so knackered and

contractions were stopping but we got there.

My mum filmed the whole thing, I honestly couldn’t

believe how calm I look!’ Jodé

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‘During my labour the main tool which helped me

through was using my breath and counting to try and remain calm and in control through each contraction. I also used BRAIN when being offered interventions to make sure I was always making the right decision for me and my baby. Before labour and during, my husband and I focussed on a lot of positive affirmations which helped significantly to keep us positive and optimistic that my body knew how to birth my baby!’ Rachel and Ben

Positive Birth’s from Hera Birthing Mamas

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‘Had my waters broken and contractions started

pretty much straight away! I had an epidural because

they were so intense so we chilled till he got here. Felt really

relaxed and baby boy was all good!’ Joella

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Hera Birthing

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With Sarah Penlington

South Devon

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